Dear all,

Just a few dates and updates for your diaries:

A few changes have been made to the timetable, so please be sure to read carefully and check times of yours, or your child’s classes.

We Break up this Saturday 30th July and return on Saturday 3rd September at the Gosport School and Return to our Cosham School on Saturday 10th September.   For our Portsmouth school we have a new venue opening up with new classes available, you should have all received a leaflet about this so please be sure to let Sam, Faye or myself know if you will be attending some of these classes and also please spread the word as we would love to see some new faces at the classes.  The timetable is available on our website

It is with sadness that I have to inform you all that fees are going up when we return in September.  For 9 years I have kept the fees the same but can no longer do this with the fees of the studio spaces having been raised so much over the last few years.  The hourly rate will now be £4.50 per hour, 30 minute class will be £2.00 and a 45 minute class will be £3.50 per class.  With this in mind I do realise that some may be re-thinking some of the classes.  Please make sure that you inform me of this so that I know what classes your children are attending.  My apologies again but I have tried my best for as long as I can and this is my only option.

I must remind you all again that classes missed due to absences still have to be paid for during our schools term time.  Also those with outstanding fees must be paid in full before we come back in September.  Please see me with any issues regarding this.

Can I remind everyone new and old that uniforms are to be worn in all classes.  Order forms are available from me and also on our website for you to download and print if you need too.  I would like everyone to have the uniforms so please be sure to make sure you order them if you need to.

On a Happier note I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the last term we have had a fantastic show some amazing exam results and some outstanding results at competitions.  I’m looking forward to the new term and carrying on the good work we have already started for our next show that is all booked for 29th July 2017.

Hope you all have a fantastic break and thank you all for your continued support of the school.


Many Thanks,

Sheridan, Annie, Bonnie and all Teachers at Dance Divas.